What type of hosting account do I have?

Our hosting products vary by plan and type. Find out exactly what you have and decide if it meets your needs.

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. Make sure the My Products tab is selected.
    select my products tab
  3. Click Web Hosting. Your hosting account type displays beneath the domain name in the following format: [Tier] [Account type]
    Account type

Let's break down what each of these mean:

  • Tier — Our different tiers of hosting accounts offer different features:
    Tier Name Description
    Economy Hosts one website and supports most commonly-used programming languages.
    Deluxe, Premium,
    Ultimate, Maximum
    Host multiple websites, supports most commonly-used programming languages as well as some speciality programming languages.
    Starter This tier applies only to our Managed WordPress accounts.
  • Account type — We offer these types of accounts:
    Account type Description
    Web Hosting Linux These accounts use our propriety control panel, the Hosting Control Panel, and have a grid-based architecture.
    Linux Hosting with cPanel These accounts use cPanel and are only available using Linux.
    Windows Hosting with Plesk These accounts use Plesk and are only available using Windows.
    Managed WordPress These accounts have WordPress installed and do not provide access to a control panel.

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