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Updating product pricing for my Reseller storefront

In the Reseller Control Center, you can set your own pricing for the products and services you offer on your Reseller storefront. You can set different prices for new purchases and renewals, quickly apply new purchase pricing to renewal pricing (so you don’t have to set the same prices twice), and set bulk pricing for an entire product group.

You must set your prices above each product's minimum retail price.

  1. Sign in to your Reseller Control Center (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Go to the Products menu and select a product group.
  3. Click Set pricing next to the product you want to update.
  4. Complete either of the following:
  5. Set pricing for individual products

    You can set pricing for new purchases and renewals for individual products, import your own pricelist from Excel and apply new product pricing to renewal pricing.

    1. Select the New tab (new purchase prices) or the Renewals tab (renewal prices).
      • Select Import or Exportto import or export your a spreadsheet with your pricelist.
    2. Select the Plus Sign Button icon to expand the section for the product you want to work on.
    3. In the Your Retail column, enter your price.
      • Optional - To automatically apply your new product pricing to renewals, select Match Product Pricing from the Renewals tab. Select All Prices, Retail Prices, or Sale Prices to apply those prices to renewals. Changes will appear in yellow.

    Set pricing for a product group

    You can set retail and sale pricing for all products in a product group, rather than individually. When setting the price, you can add or subtract currency or percentages from the retail price based off the Amount you set.

    1. Select the Plus Sign Button icon to expand the Set prices for entire product group section.
    2. Under Price to change, choose between Your Retail Price, Your Sale Price, or Your Sale & Retail Price.
    3. Under Starting price, choose the type of pricing you want to apply. For example, Suggested Retail Price applies the current suggested retail price to every product in the group.
      • If you want to add or subtract a monetary amount or percentage (like Suggested Retail Price + [Currency]), add the Amount into the field that appears.
    4. Click Calculate, and then go to the New and Renewals tabs to view your pending pricing updates. Changes will appear in yellow.
    5. Note:To revert to the suggested retail price for each product in the group, click Restore Suggested Retail Pricing.

  6. When you’re finished, select Save. A banner will appear stating your changes have been saved.

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