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Troubleshooting autodiscover when email setup doesn't work

If customers cannot set up their Office 365 from GoDaddy email on their client or device (i.e. Outlook® or iPhone®), it might be due to a service called autodiscover. Autodiscover is just a fancy word for a service that tells their Office 365 email to automatically configure on devices. Autodiscover is found in a customer's DNS.

With just a few simple steps, you can help troubleshoot our customer's autodiscover issues and get their email up and running on their client.

To Troubleshoot Autodiscover

  1. Ask the customer to check (or you can, if the customer's domain is with us) the domain's DNS zone files to make sure their zone file for autodiscover points to autodiscover.outlook.com, and has a TTL of 1 hour.

    Note: Make sure there is only one "autodiscover" CNAME.

  2. Confirm that the client or device meets the minimum system requirements.
  3. Ask the customer to run an Exchange Connectivity test.
    • Go to the Office365 tab. In the Microsoft Office Outlook Connectivity Tests section, select Outlook Autodiscover. Click Next.
    • You will need to enter your Email address, Domain\User Name (or UPN) and Password. You will be asked to confirm your password.
    • There are two boxes located under the email and password sign-in fields that contain the following verbiage: Ignore Trust for SSL and I understand that I must use the credentials of a working account from my Exchange domain to be able to test connectivity to it remotely. I also acknowledge that I am responsible for the management and security of this account. Check BOTH boxes.
    • Enter the verification code, click Verify, then click Perform Test.
    • If the test fails, make sure that the account was set up over 24 hours ago so autodiscover has time to set up on Microsoft's® systems.
    • If the test fails due to network issues (i.e. blocked ports), suggest temporarily disabling firewalls and anti-virus programs.
  4. Have the customer use the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant to setup Outlook. Refer to Using the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant.
  5. If none of these steps resolve the customer's issue, contact ATS for further troubleshooting.

Note: If the customer see's the error "This action cannot be completed. The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action." Refer to article Outlook error: The action cannot be completed.

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