My Workspace Email is moving to Microsoft 365

Workspace Email is moving to Microsoft 365! We get that change can be hard, but in this case, there's plenty to be excited about. You won't need to do a thing, just sit back while we set up your new email. And with Microsoft 365, you'll get improved functionality so you're always connected.

During this transition, we're here to help with any questions and to make sure your email service continues running smoothly.

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Why am I being moved from Workspace Email to Microsoft 365?

We’re retiring Workspace Email and moving your email to a new platform.

What do I need to do?

There's nothing you need to do since we'll handle the transition for you. To see updates, check out your Email & Office Dashboard.

What if I don't want to move to Microsoft 365?

We know change can be difficult, but Microsoft 365 email offers a lot of the same functionality you currently have, plus more. We recommend you give it a try. If you don't want to move to Microsoft 365, you can cancel Workspace Email at any time. Please keep in mind that your Workspace Email credits will be removed 14 days after your transition date.

What’s happening to Workspace Email? (Is Workspace Email going away?)

Workspace Email is no longer releasing new features. To provide you with the best email experience, we've started the process of moving customers to a new platform with the latest features and security updates.

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Will all of my Workspace Email accounts be moved to Microsoft 365?

Yes, we'll move all of your Workspace Email accounts to Microsoft 365 at the same time.

What version of Microsoft 365 am I moving to?

You'll get Microsoft 365 Email Essentials Basic with 2 GB of mailbox storage. If you’d like to move to a higher tier plan, you’ll have the option to upgrade after your transition completes.

Are there space limitations in Microsoft 365?

Your new Microsoft 365 email will have 2 GB of storage. If you’d like additional storage, check out the available plans in your dashboard.

Will the support I get from GoDaddy change?

You'll continue to receive expert help from our award-winning GoDaddy Guides. We're here for you, 24/7. Visit the dashboard for assistance.

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What happens to all of my emails?

We’ll transfer your emails and folders from the Workspace Email server to Microsoft 365. Continue using your email as you normally would. If you’re currently using an email client, like Gmail or Outlook, your settings will remain the same. Check the status of your transition in the dashboard.

Will my sign-in or email address change?

Your email address will stay the same and you can continue to access it using your regular webmail sign-in or email.yourdomain (like After your transition date, you'll see your new web interface, Outlook on the web. You'll have many of the same features as Workspace webmail, plus a lot more.

Will my email account's display name change?

Yes, your display name will change during this process. After your transition is complete, you can update your display name.

Will I have to change anything on my mobile device or desktop email client?

There’s no need to make any changes. All your settings will remain the same. However, you might need to close and reopen your desktop mail program after the transition completes.

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Will all of my webmail features be available in Microsoft 365?

You'll get most of the features you're used to with Workspace Email. However, email signatures, catchall addresses, inbox rules, and block/allow lists won't be moved.

Before you can forward Microsoft 365 email to an external email address, you'll need to edit your outbound spam filter policy.

Do I have to update any DNS records?

There’s no need to update any DNS records as part of this transition. All your DNS entries and mail settings will remain the same.

What happens to my Workspace Email accounts after the transition

After your transition date, all new messages are delivered to Microsoft 365. You can still access Workspace webmail up to 14 days after the move, at which time Workspace Email is removed from your account.

Why is Microsoft 365 now in my GoDaddy account?

You may notice that your new Microsoft 365 accounts have already appeared in your GoDaddy account. This is part of the transition process and there's no action required on your part.

What happens to my Workspace Email credits?

Your Workspace Email credits will get an exact transfer in duration and price. For example, if you have Workspace Email credits that are good for the next 14 months, you'll automatically get Microsoft 365 credits that are also good for the next 14 months.

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What happens to my unused Workspace Email credits?

As part of this transition, you'll get the equivalent number of Microsoft 365 credits as you have Workspace Email credits, whether they're used or not.

What happens to additional SMTP relays I purchased?

With Microsoft 365, you no longer need to pay for additional SMTP relays since it offers a greatly expanded send limit.

Is there a cost difference?

No, your pricing will remain the same for the length of your current renewal term.

Will my renewal date change?

No, your renewal date will remain the same.

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