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Managing Calendar Resources

Resources in Calendar represent facilities and equipment, such as meeting rooms, auditoriums, projectors, and other shared office equipment. When scheduling events, you can schedule resources to indicate that they are in use at that time.

Resources must be added to groups. Only the group's users with Admin permissions can schedule resources, unless the resource is Public, which lets any group member schedule its use.

You can add resources to existing groups or when you create a group.

Note: Consider making a group just for your resources, and make all members of your organization members of the group. If you make the resources in the group Public, anyone can schedule a resource and all other users can see the resource's availability.

To Add Resources to Existing Groups

  1. Log in to Calendar.
  2. From the Groups section, right-click the group you want to use, and then select Edit Resources.
  3. Complete the Enter Resource name and Description fields.
  4. (Optional) To make the resource's calendar available to other groups, select Public.
  5. Click Add Resource.
  6. Click Save & Exit.

To delete a resource, right-click its group, select Edit Resources, and then click Delete next to the resource.

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