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Improve your MySQL database server performance

A finely tuned MySQL database means faster, more efficient sites that can handle more traffic. If you're not sure how to optimize your MySQL database, let our server specialists take care of optimizing it for you.

Note: To learn more about this service call (480) 463-8824.

MySQL Optimization Details

Note: This service is already included for Fully Managed Servers.

GoDaddy can resolve specific performance issues with MySQL on your Linux VPS or Dedicated server within 24 hours.

Note: Before buying a MySQL optimization service, it is strongly recommended that you buy an Advanced Performance Analysis. This helps you make sure that this will actually improve performance before you buy. It also gives our server experts the information they need to quickly and accurately optimize your MySQL server.

Included with this service

Our server specialists will optimize MySQL to fit your needs. These actions include, but are not limited to:

  • Enable slow query logging to help you find problems in your application
  • Tune MySQL based on available system memory
  • Check for MySQL syntax errors
  • Perform MySQL benchmark testing
  • Check database size and performance after optimization
  • Back up previous MySQL settings and config files

Not included with this service

  • Non-Linux VPS or Dedicated servers.
  • Microsoft SQL Server databases or Windows servers.
  • This service does not guarantee a performance increase in all cases, especially if a performance analysis is not completed prior to optimization.

GoDaddy Expert Services

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