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How do I set up WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus?

In this series of articles, you'll find out more about setting up and utilizing the Local Pickup Plus plugin to setup a way for your customers to choose a physical, pickup location for your products. This plugin also allows you to offer scheduled appointments and update the availability of your stock through your online store.

After going through this series, you'll know the details you need to offer a complete local pickup solution to your customers using WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus!

Required: Local Pickup Plus is a premium WooCommerce extension included with WordPress Ecommerce Hosting or as a standalone purchase.
  1. Configure the plugin settings

    As a first step, you'll learn more about enabling the local pickup option in your shop, change how pickup locations display on the checkout, and set your availability for pickup appointments.

  2. Understand how to use lead time

    Next up, you can read about lead time and how you can use it to ensure that your customers can schedule their preferred pickup appointments.

  3. Set up the product pickup settings

    Configure a product or category's availability for local pickup plus in your shop.

  4. Enable and set up geocoding

    Lastly, you can use geocoding to allow for the pickup locations list to be sorted automatically in relation to the customer’s current location (using geoIP).

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