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Collaborate with Office 365

Collaborating with your employees is vital to your business success. Being able to share files instead of emailing them, working together in live documents, and having access your files wherever you go—and wherever your employees are— is made possible with Office 365.

Types of collaboration

You can use OneDrive for Business to collaborate with your team(s).

  1. Storing all of your files online.
  2. Sharing files from Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Publisher, and more.
  3. Keeping your teams in sync so everyone can work together, and always be up to date with the most recent document revisions.

Who else in my industry collaborates?

Chances are if you have employees that are creating content in any way, you'll need them to be able to collaborate efficiently with each other. Examples of some industries that require superb collaboration, and thrive better when they do are:

  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services
  • Accounting, Tax, and Payroll

Check out your associated industry, and our customer stories to see what the best Office 365 plan is for your business.

Let's Go!

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Collaborating on documents:

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