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Add a list of choices for a product

Add a list of choices for a product if you are offering options like colors or sizes.

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. In your products list, click Online Store, and then click Manage next to the account you want.
  3. In your Online Store, on the Products menu, click Products.
  4. Click the name of the product you want to update.
  5. On the product page, click the Inventory & Options tab, and then click Create New Option.
    In the Inventory & Options tab, click Create New Option
  6. Type the option name (for example Size or Color,) and then click Next. (Once you create your first few options, those choices appear automatically in the menu.)
    Use the text box to enter a name for the new option
  7. Click Pick from a List , and then click Next.
    Click the Pick from a list button
  8. In the choices text box, type the first choice followed by a comma, and then the second, and so on. When you're done, click Next.
    Type names for your choice in the choices text box
  9. You can customize the list in the following ways:
    Use the fields and buttons that appear to to customize the new list
    • Type the extra cost in the Increase by text box if the choice increases the product's total cost.

      When a customer makes that choice in your store, the final price will include the increase. An item's overall price is controlled by the Price field near the top of the page — unless you use advanced tracking.

    • Click the toggle button in the Customers must specify box if you want customers to make a selection.
    • Click the toggle button in the Advanced tracking per box if you want to track inventory for every choice.

      When you turn on advanced tracking, a section below the Options area will let you add details like SKU numbers, pricing, and inventory quantities for each choice. (See Managing inventory.)

      Screenshot of advanced tracking options

      You can create up to 100 option choices (known as "option values") for all your products store wide. But you can only track inventory for three of those option values. For example, you could track inventory for a shirt's color, size, and sleeve length, but if you add another option value, you must choose which three options to track.

  10. Other list options include:
  11. Action Result
    Click and drag dotted area at front of each choice or option Reorders the list of choices for an option (or the options if you click Minimize to hide the choices).
    Click the minus sign next to a choice Deletes the choice after displaying a confirmation alert.
    Click trash can Deletes the entire option after displaying a confirmation message.

  12. Click Save.
  13. Click View Store in the upper right corner, and then click the product page to see your changes.

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