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Company Culture
Embracing individuality as we grow together.
Company Culture
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Diverse teams make us better

Nurturing a culture of diversity and inclusion is woven into the fabric of GoDaddy. Employees’ unique experiences enrich everything we do. And at the end of the day, diverse teams make us better. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a critical part of what fosters our culture of inclusivity. Our employee-led groups formed around a common mission. Each ERG is open to all employees. Allyship is an important part of our ERGs and being part of GoDaddy.
Img Gfg Company Culture Feat Abilities In Tech
Abilities in Tech
GoDaddy Abilities supports our employees and their families with special needs. This group is driven to create an inclusive future and welcome new ideas that promote diversity. GoDaddy Abilities' goal is to change "challenge" into "success" and spark positive conversation around special needs to create an environment of understanding. Additionally, it helps folks connect to the resources they need to thrive.
Img Gfg Company Culture Feat Asians In Tech
Asians in Tech
Seeing to establish a dynamic presence in the Asian American community, GD Asians participates in conversations that empower the Asian American culture and instill the positive impact and presence we have at GoDaddy. Its goal is to promote GoDaddy as a multicultural organization by further attracting other Asian Americans to our diverse, fun and engaging environment.
Img Gfg Company Culture Feat Black In Tech
Black in Tech
Aiming to assist in recruiting, hiring and advancement, GDBIT is preparing the community, both internal and external, young and experienced, with additional knowledge and skills needed for a successful career. GDBIT provides employees with continued career development through a diverse speaker series, ever-increasing network of employees and a shared desire for inclusion.
Img Gfg Company Culture Feat Entrepreneurs In Tech
Entrepreneurs in Tech
The mission of Entrepreneurs in Tech is to create a shared space for employees who have a side hustle to learn from one another, access resources and get the needed support for working full time and running their own business.
Img Gfg Company Culture Feat Fitness In Tech
Fitness in Tech
GDFIT brings GoDaddy employees together to promote a healthy mindset and lifestyle through energizing movement, motivational wisdom, teamwork and determination. It sponsors events in many areas, including team sports, running, yoga, hiking, meditation and healthy eating. By creating opportunities to get active and get informed GDFIT fosters a supportive and health-inspired culture.
Img Gfg Company Culture Feat New Graduates
New Graduates
Created for those new in their career, GD Grad helps new employees right out of school learn the corporate ropes and fully engage in our vibrant and active community. Get the most out of your experience at GoDaddy, and play a part in making an inclusive and encouraging workplace environment.
Img Gfg Company Culture Feat Latinx In Tech
LatinX in Tech
GoDaddy LatinX in Technology (GDLIT) focuses on facilitating career path avenues and advancement for employees while building awareness of Latinx initiatives and contributing to the broader discussion around diversity. The group promotes GoDaddy as a multicultural organization and further attract LatinXs to work in a culturally diverse environment. Additionally, it provides personal and professional development through peer mentoring, volunteerism and community involvement.
Img Gfg Company Culture Feat United
United (LGBTQ+)
Designed to ensure that within the walls of our company, everyone is able to be themselves, feels safe and is informed with regard to issues relating to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer communities, GD United identifies opportunities for GoDaddy to engage LGBTQ consumers and recruit LGBTQ employees. We provide internal education, community partnerships, rainbow roadshows and guest speakers.
Img Gfg Company Culture Feat Veterans In Tech
Veterans in Tech
A welcoming, vibrant community of those with shared experience and value of military service, GDVET promotes career development and continued skill development of veterans at GoDaddy, particularly in technology, engineering and general business disciplines. GDVET proudly brings mentorship programs, buddy systems and a quarterly speaker series to support those who have served and their allies.
Img Gfg Company Culture Feat Women In Tech
Women in Tech
GoDaddy Women in Technology is an inclusive community that empowers our women to connect, learn and grow, We provide a network of support, tools, learning opportunities, and visibility into what it's like to be a woman at GoDaddy.
Img Gfg Company Culture Feat Godaddy Green
GoDaddy Green
By raising awareness and educating employees about environmental issues, we aim to inspire employees to make more sustainable decisions.
Img Gfg Company Culture Feat Venture Forward Mobile

Venture Forward

A new study by GoDaddy revealing the impact of everyday entrepreneurs and their 20 million ventures on the U.S. economy and local communities.