What is a safe and efficient way to replacing an Existing Website with WordPress?


I took over an existing GoDaddy website. I installed WordPress and created a website with a root directory: /webroot/wordpress2. What is a safe and efficient way to make my wordpress2 directory the root directory for the website? Right now the old website is http://oldwebsite.com. I can view my new site's home page with http://oldwebsite/wordpress2.  

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Hey there @deanfarwood,


You have quite a few options, actually.


You can clone the installation over to the main directory (if you're on cPanel Linux, anyway.) You'd just have to uninstall the current site on that same directory. You would also probably have to do a search and replace to ensure the new site links to the domain. Here are some guides:

You could also use the plethora of backup and duplicator plugins you can find with a simple web search. Just make sure you do your research if you use this method.


You could manually move it.


You can hire someone to do it for you or contact GoDaddy, who will also do it for a charge.


So, lots of options. You just gotta decide which one is in your budget, time or money, and go for it.

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