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To help elaborate further on some of the points in this discussion:

1. Where is it located? Amsterdam, Netherlands per https://img4.wsimg.com/support/pdf/soc3/2016-07-27_Hosting_Services_System_Description.pdf which should be publicly linked-to in our article here.

2. If a site is hosted at the European Data Center, is any of its data ever transferred outside of the EU? Hosted website content would remain in the data center unless the customer migrates it elsewhere, changes/upgrades their product to a different data center, or uses a CDN which would result in a different geographic server serving the content. 


3. If a site is hosted at the European Data Center and a GoDaddy site backup plan is enabled, where is the site backup maintained -- at the European Data Center? These backups are stored in a 3rd party cloud hosting instance. 


Hope this helps. 


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