Where do I input what I paid for an item that sold?

Hello everyone. I am a long time eBay reseller but this is my first time using goDaddy bookkeeping. So far I love it. But right now my income shows the total of everything sold on ebay. And it's counting it all as income. How do I input what I actually paid for the item (what I paid plus shipping/other fees) so it will display my correct income?
Thanks so much for any help! It is greatly appreciated. And sorry if this has been asked before, but I searched for a while and couldn't find an answer.
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That feature is no longer available in the products currently being sold by GD. It was at one time in their Quick Shopping Cart.

That's not good news lol. The whole point of me buying GoDaddy bookkeeping was to keep track of my profits. That's the whole point of GoDaddy bookkeeping.. thank though. I guess I will cancel my GoDaddy and try QuickBooks.

I don't know how Bookkeeping integrates, or if it does, with a GoDaddy website, which I was assuming you were trying to do. The Websites + Marketing eCommerce product, their latest and greatest, does not allow you to track the price you paid for something in its program. I do not know whether Bookkeeping can somehow tie into that product but I suspect not. You need to contact customer service before you go back to QuickBooks.

Thank you both for your reply. I wasn't aware that there was a separate section for GoDaddy bookkeeping. That is my fault. I appreciate the responses and I will do some more digging in the links that the moderator provided. Sorry again. I hate being that guy that posts in the wrong section on forums lol. Will be more vigilant on where I post from now on. Have a great night to both of you!

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The Online Bookkeeping product is independent of the Websites+Marketing website builder. You can refer to the help files for the actions you want to take in this program here.


It sounds like you're wanting to track your expenses (price of goods) to get a realistic picture of your earnings. Here are some additional references for this specialized product.


Dashboard Walk-through


Importing Income and Expenses





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