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Want to host images on my cPanel to use on a forum

Hello all.


I am trying to host images on my GoDaddy File Manager that I can then use on the Jeep Wrangler forum. To use an image (of my Jeep) there, I need to upload it (did that) then use the path to the image on the Jeep Wrangler Forum site.

I've uploaded the files and I see them in my home/robertpwills file manager tree, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what their actual address is. They are not name dot jpg, or name dot jpg. They are also not at name dot jpg.


What am I doing wrong? Using other hosting companies, I have been able to do this- this is my first time trying to do it with GoDaddy. And, the site is annoying me because it isn't as simple as it is other places I've been.


Thanks for the help,


Super User II

The URL should be a direct correlation to where the files are uploaded. if in root directory. if in a sub-directory.


Make sure to use the proper case after the domain name... filename.jpg is not the same as FileName.JPG for example.

No. That does not work. I'm not sure who marked this as 'solved' but when I upload the file 'Spatter_VFW.jpg to where I can see it in my file manager. See the screen grabs below.


As I asked earlier- what am I doing wrong?SpatterInRoot.jpgSpatterNotFound.jpg


@Nate, And now, when I upload the screen grabs of my file manager and the 404 error, those seem to upload but yet when I try to view the files, all I get is a spinning wheel. I even made the images smaller 600 x 800 and they still don't seem to show up.


How can I appease the GoDaddy Image God(s)??



'public_html' is the primary domain root directory. (the root directory of additional domains/sub-domains can be found following these steps )


Here is a better example... = public_html/filename.jpg = public_html/folder/filename.jpg