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Re: Forbidden 403 error when moving a local WP site to a live site

@PL281 thank you for your response. I deleted the managed WP install and started from scratch, but I am still not able to get my site online. 

I think it has to do with the file location. My primary domain is in the home location, it is not in a folder, as that will make my site stop working. 

So this site is going to be the second domain that I am hosting on my deluxe package. This goes in a folder to separate it.  

My new domain URL is I didn't make any DNS changes. I am using GoDaddy, cpanel hosting platform. It is a website.  The error I keep getting is "

403 Forbidden

Request forbidden by administrative rules."


I don't know what other information to give you to be able to assist me. 


Also, can't figure out how to contact GoDaddy help on email or chat, because I am not able to make calls at this moment. 


Thank you for helping!

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OK.... so cPanel and Managed WordPress are 2 different platforms - 


Can you send a screen shot of the cpanel domains area and the file manager so I can see how you have it setup

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