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PHP Contact form not sending email from



I am relaunching my company's website, and I need the contact form to be functioning, however the email form the form is not sending. I referred to the article linked below but could not find the pages or links that it said to go to. The form works successfully and shows the success page, however the email does not send.

Community Manager

Hi @arenatreespec. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! It's hard to say why your form isn't working. The article you linked to is related to our Web & Classic Hosting plans. If you're posting in this board, I would assume you're using cPanel Hosting, so that article would not apply to you. One thing to check would be to make sure your form is set up to send using That is the server that all email from our hosting environment needs to be sent through.  Another thing you might want to check is the status of your hosting account. It's sometimes possible for email to be suspended for an account. You can reach out to our support team to confirm that email is still working for you. Beyond that, if you can provide more information about the form, other community members might be able to provide additional suggestions. 


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