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Multi-domain SAN SSL certificate - errors with www.

Multi-domain SAN SSL Certificate

Linux server, add-on domains and usage of a multi-domain certificate 

the certificate is signed with out the www in the add-on domain names. 

The fine on the "main" domain name and is signed properly with that one -

The C-panel and Go-daddy web interface don't seem to allow me to add the www. to the add-on domains

the result is when the site is accessed via www a server error is thrown . uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for the following names:,,, Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN_


I was wondering if there is something i can do on my end

any suggestions, help or replies are much appreciated.

Thanks man, Man Very Happy

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If you have a Multi-Domain (UCC) SSL (which is a great value by the way) I don't know that you configure all of the domains through cPanel? There should be a SSL certificate category under your My Account and there you should be able to manage your certificate including adding other domains. You might need to go back to cPanel so that you can generate a key or something? I find that SSL certificates work best with domains hosted in your same account.


One other thing I want to mention that it appears you have done @exorb. You want to make sure that the base SSL is first setup using the default domain your hosting is. Also have a look at the Adding or Dropping Subject Alternative Names from UCC Certificates I hope that helps?

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Getting Started

Thanks it appears that by adding a subsequent name will WWW will count as and additional domain name.

that blows .. I don't know why they have it set up that way - Or really it's the dumb web browsers that can't seem to understand that is the same as - it's 2017  what gives?

thank you very much for the reply

Getting Started


this is my probelm Im getting at the moment, surely they cant be saying that and is two websites out of the 5 ssl website, thats stupid.

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To be clear this isn't a GoDaddy thing, this is a new security standard thing.


When it comes to security certificates not all are created equal @amigang. I'll keep this to a Multi-Domain (UCC) SSL specific scenario. The issue isn't the actual certificate. What it is built to do is protect one domain entirely (let's call this domain the queen) and additional domains individually (the subject domains).


I've never had to protect the www because in the past the www was directed to a secure domain which was usually just the https:// without the www With the recent security changes going from a non secure domain to a secure one generates a error. Every SAN domain entry is counted as one. and are separate entries.


If you have a domain and you need multiple subdomains you either want to have a single domain SSL or make that domain the "queen" of your Multi-Domain (UCC) SSL. www is indeed a subdomain and is no different than or any other subdomain you would add. Again this is something that matters now with new security changes. 


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head