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Is Godaddy drop mod_fscgi support?

I am using  GoDaddy shared hosting plan - Deluxe for django(python) website.  It was working for about 3 years with mod_fscgi support. But it suddenly stopped working. I checked server and realize that mod_fscgi is not working anymore.


Is Godaddy drop mod_fscgi support?





Did you figure this out? I am having a hard time to run a simple hello world web page using Python. I am getting 500 error all the time.

Community Manager

Hi @Viktar. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! I was able to run a simple .py script by:

Once I did that, I no longer encountered a 500 error. Having the script outside of the /cgi-bin directory resulted in it just resolving as a txt file. Hope that helps. 


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