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Installatron Error: This is a failed install. It should be uninstalled.

Hi again!

Inside Installatron in my cPanel account, on one of my wordpress installs, it says:


"Error: This is a failed install. It should be uninstalled."


Here's a screenshot:


Strange thing is, this WordPress still works just fine. In fact, I don't want to uninstall it because it's a WP multisite and I have several clients using it. Once again, it seems to be working just fine except this error message inside Installatron/cPanel.



Advocate VII

Hi @twinsmagic,


If you want to further investigate, use a plugin like Theme Checker to analyze what's happening.  It may give you the insight to determine if the site is actually working as it should.


Hope this helps,


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

I ran that test but the results didn't help me. I'm using the Divi theme by Elegant Themes which is a well kept theme so I doubt it would be theme related.


Any other advice?

Hi @twinsmagic,

I totally agree on the Divi comments, its a great theme.  Sometimes, a file gets corrupted on install and that was one of the reasons for recommending a theme check.


Is this an ecommerce site with WooCommerce installed the same time as the theme by chance?  I have had the theme install correctly and the WooCommerce site actually be the problem.


Beginning to sound like a false report on the installation!



Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

Thanks for your reply. Woo Commerce was activated for a short time but it isn't any longer. It also was not active when the original Multisite was created. It definitely seems like a false alarm because the WordPress works well. This install isn't in the "public_html" folder which most of my other WP installs are. Could that be throwing off Installatron for this install?

Is anyone else experiencing problems with the daily Installatron backups?


For the past few months the backups fail periodically. I contact GoDaddy and eventually they do something and they start working again. Then a few weeks later they fail again. When they work I get a daily email to say they have succeeded but nothing when they fail.


I know GoDaddy offer a paid backup service but daily backups are already built into the Installtron system.


Hi there,

I had exactly the same error message and tried a lot of installations unsuccessfully.

Finally I just discovered it was caused by a minor mistake: the name of the website cannot include white spaces. I did corrected it  and the error message disappeared.

I hope this may help you


I have tha same error message and tried to delete all the white spaces and didn't work. Where did you change the white spaces? the installatron cpanel or inside wordpress site panel?

Hello twinsmagic.

I have the same error. Did you fix it? How? 

Thank you.