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Getting Started

Inbound email stopped working

GoDaddy hosts my domain and email (Linux based). Everything was working fine up until approximately 4:15 AM EST 20-NOV-2019. Now nothing is deliverable. I've tried from work (relaying via, gmail, Comcast -- all are bouncing with delivery delays and then timeouts.


Website is unavailable as is the virtual host via Comcast. Both are available via cellular data (T-Mobile). I use the virtual host ( for outbound email on my cell -- that is working. Website *is* available from work but virtual host times out -- can't use cpanel or other features. *is* accessible via cell, Comcast, and work.


I tried using 3 different guides via online chat yesterday without resolution.


DNS for is handled by networksolustions -- I have not changed it.


Any thoughts? I spent time searching the entries in the knowledge base already.

Getting Started

I *can* access existing email via cellular -- referencing the virtual server. I cannot access existing email via my PC applications via Comcast.