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Images not showing up

So I'm trying to finish up my website and for some reason, after using the html editor in cPanel to add an image and having it upload the image to the server, the image isn't showing up. The image is there in the root directory, yet if I try to view it directly I get a 404 and it doesn't show up in the page. Indeed in the html editor add image dialog it doesn't show up in the preview.

Helper II
Helper II

Hi   @MGiles


   Ok MGiles, I took a look inside my Cpanel and I do not see an HTML editor?


   Do you mean this link here


   How-ever,  I upload inside a zipper into my file manager FTP,  and then unpack into a folder.


    If you have not tried this,  try giving it a shot?



No he means this:


I'm stuck on the same issue and have not found a solution yet - disabled Hotlink Protection and it's still not showing any images even though they exist on server.