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GoDaddy ssh Connection to "GoDaddyIP" closed by remote host. Connection to "GoDaddyIP" closed.

I keep getting blocked out of ssh-ing to my GoDaddy CPanel hosting account randomly.


At first I am able to ssh into my account and works fine.  But randomly I'll get a:


Connection to "GoDaddyIP" closed by remote host.
Connection to "GoDaddyIP" closed.


"GoDaddyIP" = my personal cPanel IP address.


After I get disconnected I am not able to reconnect.  If I try it from same computer but different IP address.  i.e. I connect to a different internet connection or my cellular hotspot, I am able to connect just fine.  I've called support and they were no help.  The best they could do is say "Well, I'm able to connect to that account"  Of course they can. They are using a different IP.  Anyhow, the IP I'm connect through is not in BlockedIP with GoDaddy and everything I've read online is of no help.  Does anyone have a solution?

Community Manager

Hi @DaveKrick. Thanks for posting. That sounds pretty strange. If you can provide more information about what happens when you try to connect after being disconnected, that may help others offer suggestions. Also, it may help to know if you're ever able to connect from the same IP again and if so, do you take any action to facilitate that. Hope you're able to get this figured out. 


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