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Getting Hosting Account to Recognize My Custom 404 Page

I've created my 404.html page. Now I'd like to get my hosting account to use it. 

In CPanel, it gives me a choice of tags to insert for a 404 error page, but I really just want to tell it the name of my custom page to use. How do I do this? 


Re: Getting Hosting Account to Recognize My Custom 404 Page

I just went to the Hosting CPanel Advanced section - Error Pages. The Edit Error Pages offers tags to insert. It does not make it clear that the entire html code for the 404.html page can be inserted into the window. This works.

There needs to be a slight rewrite to the instructions on the Edit Error Pages page to state how to do this. Are you listening, GoDaddy?


How Fix Soft 404's?

I'm using Windows (Plesk). How do I fix soft 404 errors that should be responding as 404 errors? One of those soft 404 errors is for my custom error page which shouldn't be receiving an error. Thanks.

404 Not Found

Hi I just deployed my web site, it is ASP.NET on windows hosting this is URL of my website


When I open it it gives me this error


Not Found

The requested document was not found on this server.


Web Server at Does anyone know how to fix this ? What is going on ? Regardszvonimirt  

Re: Getting Hosting Account to Recognize My Custom 404 Page

I was running into this very problem and called GoDaddy support, who were not very knowledgeable on what to do.  They referred me to YouTube. 


Anyway, I figured this out.


  • Go to the cPanel for your account / website and scroll down till you find Advance ... then select "Error Pages"
  • You will get to a window where you select the domain you managing and then select error code.  I selected the 404 code.
  • The next page will say 404.shtml (Not Found) page.  Ignore the "Select Tags to Insert" option and just enter some text in the editor box and click "Save".  This will insert a page in the public_html directory on your website called, "404.shtml". 
  • You can edit this page to match the other pages on your website.  I downloaded to local copy and performed the editing on my PC.  I made it look look my other pages and included a message that this error was due to an invalid page, etc.  What ever your want to say.  Probably should include a link to go to your home page or what ever your want the user to do.
  • When you have finished editing the 404.shtml page, upload back to your website. 
  • You should be done now.  Test this by entering an invalid page to your domain.