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Error in CSS editor with flex property

Hi, I'm trying to implement responsive web design and the properties of my class in the CSS file are showing as an error.  It loads and displays nicely from my laptop but cPanel doesn't seem to load the parts of the CSS file that it considers to be an error.  

Here's the problem code:
.flex-row {
display: flex;
flex-direction: row;


The goDaddy editor doesn't like the flex attribute or the flex-direction property.


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You probably won't find much of an answer here concerning coding. You should reach out to a developer to see if they can help you out. We're primarily volunteers, so we do that kind of work for a living outside of these forums.


Good luck correcting the issue, though.

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The problem seems to be with the GoDaddy editor and hosting.  I tried to
re-do my layout as a grid and had a similar problem (see below).  In the
end, I embedded the styles into the header of the html page instead of
using  separate style sheet.  That worked nicely.

So it's not a "how to code" question. (I can Google that.)  It's more
like, "Can GoDaddy please update their tools for modern web elements."

This one is from: