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Can not access File Manager for reseller hosting account


I recently purchased a GoDaddy reseller hosting plan "4GB Enhance" with WHMCS. Initially I was able to access the file manager/cpanel by clicking the 3 dots next to the WHMCS login button in the GoDaddy hosting dashboard and selecting "File Manager". But for past few days that link with 3 dots is replaced with upgrade / reset / cancel link.

Not having access to file manager,

1) I have lost access to my custom templates of WHMCS Storefront. I am not able to progress with my customizations to WHMCS Storefront.

2) Lost access to custom storage for WHMCS which was created using the cPanel.

3) I am not having username / password of the cPanel so that I can login directly.

4) WHM also does not have any default reseller cPanel created (as in other reseller providers).


The only advantage I am having is that I paid for only a month initially. I would have been in a shock to see that links are being disabled after few days.


Kindly help me out in regaining the cPanel / File Manager access which will encourage me to go for 12/24/36 months plan.


I have the exact same issue and after spending hours on the phone to GoDaddy they refuse to help, and their only suggestion is to send a ticket to WHMCS!? How can they help? I want to be able to access cPanel for the root domain for my reseller hosting and since they removed the File Manager link its impossible. Frustrated beyond belief.