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    SEO Review of Website Builder


    • You can edit Title Tags & Meta Descriptions
    • You have some control over the header structure of your pages
    • Area to add in Google Analytics Tracking (to keep track of your site's performance, SEO adjacent)
    • You can add in Image Alt Text
    • SSL certificate included
    • Mobile friendly & responsive site


    • No clear way to add in canonical tags
    • You have to pay extra if you want to do more advanced 301-redirects from an old site to the new site (looks like you may be able to within a more premium DNS product), forcing our site to have redirect chains (bad practice)
    • If you try and hard code (with custom HTML elements) for a clearer header structure the text won't match the pre-set fonts throughout the rest of the site (so you get to choose between being sloppy and having <H2>s)
    • Limitations in measurement (no area to add in Google Tag Manager tracking) 

    From reading older forum comments it seems like you had more autonomy in the past, but as the current product stands it has some serious limitations from a technical standpoint. I understand needing guardrails, but there are loads of platforms who offer the same looking product but allow you to customize critical elements. 


    Pro-tip: Ask for a demo before buying. This is not the product or experience I expected. I optimize sites for a living and felt like I got the ol' bait and switch. 

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    Helper V

    @RFeinbergI'm afraid it's worse than you've stated. With the eCommerce store from GD called Website + Marketing you currently CANNOT add alt tags to any of the product photos, only the few photos you may have on your "content" pages. You also cannot add a meta description anymore to ANY products. That feature was removed. See link below. We're still waiting for them to reinstate it...




    @Hopeful Yikessssss. I'm not as familiar with their ecomm platform, but SEO with ecomm can be tricky with the RIGHT platform. Meta description being removed makes 0 sense, I'm surprised anyone would take that away. Any word on them resolving it? Not sure how responsive they are to these things. Although it's not the end all be all in terms of ranking factors, it's so important for CTR and for a good user experience on Search.


    Not sure if this is helpful but might make you laugh at least a little - GoDaddy isn't great at their own digital marketing, I clicked on one of their ads today and it had a 404 error. 

    While I am not a power user, I am also disappointed with the SEO feature, more so since I paid for it and it is clearly not working as advertised:


    Any tips appreciated if I am doing it wrong...

    Kind regards,