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    nydus-ex and nydus-ex-api on process manager

    Hi, figured out that some programs working on my vps which named "nydus-ex-api" and "nydus-ex". 

    looked at internet for find what those about but none of things that i have.

    Do you guys know what that programs doing, are those programs gracious?

    Could be something from godaddy to track usage/backup things ?


    otherwise i want to remove it from vps. 

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    Hi @mertdgn 


    Removing those services will affect certain functionality initiated from your VPS UI dashboard from working properly.  The nydus services are used to listen for requests from the UI dashboard and run those operations locally on the vm.  For example, getting vm usage stats requires the nydus service to inspect vm resource usage and return it to the UI.

    I notice, on my Windows 2016 Server - Gen4 that Nydus has inbound port 2224 wide open. Can I block that port or scope it to a range of IP addresses to eliminate the exposure to the internet at large?