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    Warning: New Dedicated Servers do not have Installatron

    The new dedicated servers do not have the software Installatron installed. This is now something that you have to pay for and it costs an extra $50 per domain, per year. This is outrageous! I depend on this software every day and use it to backup, restore, migrate and even have variants of installs to use for new projects and sites. Godaddy has offered this software for years on a dedicated server without any extra charge. I find it very odd that a new VPS has this installed and a Dedicated server does not. A dedicated server is a higher priced product and Godaddy should provide this software at no additional cost. I am very aggravated and upset! This is truly not right and I believe Godaddy should not treat their customers this way! A company should not be able to just stop providing software without any prior notification. I hope that Godaddy will do the right thing and add the software Installatron back on the dedicated servers. I am sure that once others are aware of this that there will be a lot of unhappy customers.

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