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    VPS server Down and crappy customer support

    Our VPS server is down for a while now, tried calling up the mentioned number and it didnt go through. Next tried the chat, but the bot keeps looping itself. My customers are yelling back. Its a pathetic service from godaddy, i didn't expect this. 


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    Getting Started

    Well, you haven't provided any information that let's anyone see what's going on. If all you wanted to do was vent frustration -- success!


    I hope you're back up and running by now.


    Do let me know what information you require?

    Thanks and Regards,

    Sudipto Mitra

    Godrej Genesis Building. Unit 1203, 12th Floor. Block EP & GP, Saltlake.
    Sector- V. Kolkata- 700 091. India

    Email: | Mob:
    91 - 8910627405

    P Save paper, print if you have to. Save energy, cc if you have to.
    Getting Started

    Is it a new installation or existing? You said "down for a while now." Is it back online now?

    Are you able to access any functions of the VPS? Like WHM or cPanel?

    If you had FTP enabled, can you connect to it? Is the connection refused?

    Are you able to connect through SSH if enabled? Are you able to ping the IP address?

    Are you able to log on to your GoDaddy account to review its status? I use

    I know nothing about the support system outside of the US. I will agree that the best support is from contact with a real person, and I hope that you find a good number to call. This forum, being a community of GoDaddy users like you, is one resource but not the primary GoDaddy support you deserve.


    I notice the website in your reply is online at this time. If this is the one that was affected by the VPS outage in your original post, could you share how you got the problem resolved? That information might be useful to someone looking through the community posts in the future.