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    Need Cloud Server Size Recommendation [Drupal 8 Site]

    For a Drupal 8 site I am launching with features such as user registration, profiles, search, contact forms, etc, etc... I am very familiar with setting up LAMP/Drupal on Linux so I am not worried about that. A few questions though:

    • Would a 2GB Cloud Server be ok?
      • I am thinking of also adding 2GB of swap space to augment the 2GB of ram that comes with the server.
    • Is 40GB of disk space enough for a site expecting 100s of users, blog posts, the site files, DB, etc?
    • Is it a good idea to keep the DB on the same server?


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    @Jagst3r15, I would create my database on my secondary DNS. There is a whole utility of options when it comes to GO Daddy. You really have to research and develop some stuff or ideas from the ground up. I am doing something similar with a repository right now. ---- I am only doing it because it sounds interesting or attempting to do it because I don't know how. Everything they have is pay and go, and they are a good price. The reason they do so well is because there level 3 tier people are like master programmers , seriously. However they are very professional in how they treat your information and domains etc.  I do not work for Godaddy.  ( I would think that you would want your MYSQL or MSQL or ORC DB to be on a different DNS so you could tweak it in your HTA Access folder with some straight C. But I'm not sure.