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    Files "restored" to 5 Jun 2020 without request

    On or about 27 Apr 2021, all the file content on my server was "restored" to what was there on 5 Jun 2020. I took no action or made any request for this to happen. I was travelling all that week without Internet access so could not have made a change if I wanted. No one else has my account or any other access.


    I discovered the content was changed on 29 Apr 2021 and contacted GoDaddy support via chat while still travelling. After investigating, they found that nothing was done by them and they could not help. They also claimed to have no backups and no ability to look at my file content.


    After ending the support chat, about 15 minutes later all the files on the server, including database contents, was "restored" to what I would expect for 29 Apr. Web site content changes made between Jun 2020 and Apr 2021--10 months--were back in place.


    Today, 1 May 2021, I discover the files content is now mixed with a base of 5 Jun 2020 and changes since 28 Apr. All web site changes over the past 10 months are gone.


    I have no idea why all the files are changing in this way. I'm running no backups or restores. No such tools of any kind. The GoDaddy provided backup feature has not been used to backup or restore since Dec 2020 (confirmed by the management panel).


    Any others experiencing this? Any ideas? GoDaddy will not help as they do not believe they have done anything.

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    A bit more info ("evidence"), below are two adjacent lines from my syslog file. Note that the first line is dated "Jun 5", which would be 2020. The next line is dated "Apr 27", which is a few days ago in 2021. There is similar content in all the log files dated the same dates. The only way all my log files could show this is if the system was restored back to a backup taken on June 5 and this must have been done on Apr 27.


    Jun 5 15:53:24 beweb1 rsyslogd: [origin software="rsyslogd" swVersion="8.12.0" x-pid="261" x-info=""] exiting on signal 15.
    Apr 27 06:55:24 beweb1 rsyslogd: [origin software="rsyslogd" swVersion="8.12.0" x-pid="335" x-info=""] start


    My system has 87GB of data. I can't possibly sustain an ssh connection to GoDaddy long enough to backup or restore this much data to the server. This could only be done locally at GoDaddy. My GoDaddy backup option has only 50GB and is turned off. The limited content in the backup option is dated Dec 2020.


    So, I'm at a complete loss. How did this happen? How can I stop it from happening again?