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    Accessing Stylesheets in Subdirectories

    Hello All:

    I'm a newcomer here, and could use some guidance. I built a website using Visual Studio 2015 and I'm having a little trouble getting my page to display properly. 


    Originally I stored the project in a subdirectory in the webroot, and tried to get to the home page by typing: <domain>/<subdirectory>/HomePage.aspx (which didn't work when I typed in the subsequent URL).


    But after speaking with someone from the support chat team they told me that I was required to load the .aspx pages directly in the webroot folder (I'd appreciate confirmation of this, or if there's a way to use subdirectories as mentioned 🙂 ). I did so, and I'm able to launch my website, but the pages don't seem to be "finding" the stylesheets I created (which are stored in a directory I called SiteStyles). The site seems to find other things like my masterpages (which I also have stored in a directory), but not my styles. Any recommendations on where I can find documentation that explains how to get my site to access these directories (i.e. - folders)?



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    Hey @TekknoDraykko,


    My understanding is that your site files should be located in the webroot directory your domain is pointed to. It is possible to have files such as Stylesheets kept within a subfolder, but if your site pages are reliant on accessing these files then you'll need to make sure your URL references are setup to path to the correct folder in question. 


    Since this is a matter custom coding of the pages, I don't have any specific documentations I can refer to from our own Help Center. However, I believe there are few different articles and other resources available at W3 Schools that could help offer some more insight in this regard. 


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