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htaccess & 404 error

Hi I recently reset my cpanel account and started fresh , and when starting I installed wordpress, since then I am unable to view my website - not even file is accessible. Now I did some digging and found out that .htaccess might be the issue, so I enabled to show hidden files and removed it, but nothing changed. And everytime i try to login a deleteme..* file is being generated in wp-content folder inside the file manager. I even have my theme uploaded and extracted in the wp-content/theme/ folder


I am a freelancer php developer, new to Wordpress , can you please help me out with the issue ASAP. So I can ensure my Client regarding the ETA of the fix.


Thank you for reading.

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Did you get things sorted out?  Just went to the URL provided and it popped with the default WordPress theme.  Login URL is good too! 😉




"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

No the problem is not solved . Just check this link once

this looks empty and i am unable to upload my theme as its shows some kind of php.ini and something which is beyond my knowledge . so i hope you people can have a idea about this and please help me with this .



Just went to the login page again, and again no problems.  Smiley Frustrated

"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin



I'm running into this same issue as well after updating to the latest version of WordPress. Was a solution found for this? My login page is .

I decided to save what I could from the live site and start fresh by uninstalling and reinstalling WordPress again.