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Wordpress administration emails have stopped working

I created a Wordpress website on my Windows hosting mid-2018. The last administrative email that I received occurred on Sept 5, 2019 when I upgraded Wordpress to 4.9.11. Yesterday, when I upgraded to 5.3.2, I noticed that I did not receive an email. I then tested creating a couple of new users which normally also sends an admin email. No emails appeared at my gmail account.


I then opened up Chrome in Incognito mode and tested the Password Reset link for a couple of admin users (myself and one other person). Neither received an email to reset their passwords.


I'm also encountering issues with Contact Form 7 not sending form submission email notifications to the designated To email address. I've tried setting the To value to my gmail and the Office 365 account set up with GoDaddy.

I've attempted contacting GoDaddy Chat support who said that I need to check with Wordpress, but this doesn't seem to make sense. From the various posts I've read so far, it seems like there are many settings that GoDaddy should be able to verify for me first.


What should I look into with Windows hosting? Other posts have suggested reviewing cPanel settings, but I don't have access to anything like that.


My hosting has been migrated to a new server which is fully upgraded and configured for sending email correctly.

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I'm a GoDaddy end user like you - while WordPress will / does run on Windows most WordPress admins will tell you not to as there are many more things that can attribute to issues.


My simple recommendation is use a service like Amazon SES (Offload SES lite plugin)


My longer answer is - the first steps I would take in testing this is making sure you are able to get mail off the server - you would have to create a custom script - see if this is working first.


It has been a while since I did WordPress on Windows, but I thought there was still a mail log - assuming there is, I would check there to see if you show any errors


There is also a WordPress Mail Log plugin that may capture any areas - 


You may also have an issue with the SendMail utility on the windows server or it could be PHP version as well - the issue is on Windows, many of these are "self install" items vs being part of the operating / control panel system


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@PL281, thanks for the suggestions. After my unsuccessful chat session and doing more research, I decided called in. It appears that all emails sent are having the From address changed to something like $ which are being marked as "bad". GoDaddy is troubleshooting the issue now.


The first person that I talked with suggested the same thing, not running the Wordpress site on the Windows server. This is a separate website that I'm running for a family member while maintaining a separate, custom .NET website which is the original reason for Windows hosting. So I'm not looking to add the cost of additional Linux/CPanel hosting.


My hosting appears to be on a server that is end-of-life and should be moved to a new server soon. This new server should have a later version of PHP. If the admins can't figure out the issue with this server, I'll take a look at Amazon SES, however, if the From address remains the above invalid value, I may be stuck until the server migration.

My hosting has been migrated to a new server which is fully upgraded and configured for sending email correctly.

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