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Wordpress - 404 error not found


I have uploaded my WordPress website through file manager in public_html but I'm still unable to view my website and keep getting 404 -not found error. Can anybody help?




Resolver II

Re: Wordpress - 404 error not found

Hello @MMillar,


A 404 error happens when the server can't find the file.

In this case I think that you should check your domain root directory.


Please check if it is under your public_html folder Smiley Happy


Follow these steps to check your domain's root directory:

  1. Go to your GodAddy Account
  2. Go to the WebHosting Section
  3. Click on the Manage button
  4. Go to the cPanel
  5. In the domains section check if your Document Root is public_html



If this solved your problem please click the Accept as a Solution Button below Smiley Happy


Premton Xhafa

GoDaddy Community Contributor