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WordPress Announcement - Moving Towards SSL





With the recent announcement of Wordpress moving towards requiring SSL support on hosting is GoDaddy investigating the chance to implement a cheaper option of SSL. I have many clients who use Shared Hosting with cPanel (Linux) with GoDaddy and can't afford the $70 a year price tag with SSL Certificates because they are non-profit/volunteer organizations.


Is there a chance that GoDaddy might be working towards implementing something like "Let's Encrypt" for Linux and Windows Shared Hosting (including cPanel)?


I think this announcement from WordPress should be a kick for GoDaddy to implement "Let's Encrypt" in cPanel Hosting. I know other hosting providers do, but I am a loyal GoDaddy customer for many years.



Chris Zenzel

Chris Zenzel

I agree!  I don't want to move my account, but will if Godaddy does not have a reasonable path to SSL.  

Hi @ChrisZ and @jerodkillick. There was another post similar to this where our head of WordPress products replied. You can find that here


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