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WordPress Admin Login After Redirect

Trying to log into my wordpress admin account (had someone create a website here but never used and now I'm trying to revisit it). We've redirected our site (godaddy domain) from, for example, to, so the wordpress admin login for is not working. Does anyone know if this is a redirect setting that needs to be changed here on go daddy? Or something that needs to be done on wordpress (though I can't even log in). Please advise, thanks.

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@Gina5  Did you move the WordPress installation, the database and all the files to where is hosted?   WordPress works based on the domain it is installed on and that is designated in Settings > General of the WordPress install dashboard.


Sounds like you redirected the domain away from your install...   If you want to use the website created with that install with a different domain name you would need to change the URL of the install istself -- not redirect.


Here is a step-by-step from GoDaddy.  Here's another from WordPress.


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This is helpful, thanks. GoDaddy is our host (site build on RapidWeaver for now, but looking to switch to Wordpress - not active yet). So I guess something needs to change here on GoDaddy first before we are able to login to Wordpress and change anything there. Think we may need new login information too as username/password we had for company that set up for us is not working.

@Gina5   Where I would start is to point the original domain name back to the server where WordPress resides.  IOW, remove the forward.    😉

"You have to be odd to be number one." Dr. Seuss

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