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Trouble with your Email Contact Form?

Hi All,

Just been reading quite a lot of email problems. I can't quite figure out why something so simple can be made so difficult, honestly. But most of the difficulties come from Wordpress users.

Well my point is that I can hand code anyone a form (html and css) and form handling program (php) and this can be saved to a .php page.

Would there be any seen difficulties to include this into a Wordpress site? I don't personally see any, but maybe a Wordpress guru might?

I obviously don't (can't) work for free, but the fee would depend on the complexity of the page / form etc, but would sure beat missing those important clients!

Have a hybrid wordpress website if possible (right off to study).

If you contact me through my website form then that would demonstrate a simple but effective form and when replying you would see how data came back to me. Like I said, just a simple form, but it works great, every time.

Check it out @


Hey @Retired,


Came across your discussion in our Office/Email forum and had it moved over here for better view with the other WordPress folks having form trouble. Hope you don't mind. Smiley Happy


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Thank you @CG,

don't mind at all, thank you very much.