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Managed WordPress Error: Gateway Timeout

My website Many Time error 504 Gateway Timeout. How can I fix plaese help me thanks I am very woried

502 Bad Gateway error

When I try to add a new post to my website, I'm getting a 502 Bad Gateway or timeout error. Many Time error in day. Please tell me how can I fix this error

Re: Managed WordPress Error: Gateway Timeout

Date:  9-10-18

While using elementor pro plugin & updating my website on managed wordpress for Godaddy, I have encountered many 402, 404 errors today.  C'mon Godaddy, you're "godaddy managed wordpress" is supposed to be the best option, so get with the program, & fix this so users can be more productive & stop waisting their time with this nonsense!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Managed WordPress Error: Gateway Timeout

If you're receiving a timeout error when trying to access your site, you'll want to first test access from another network connection or via an online proxy server to confirm that you can duplicate the issue.  If you're receiving the same error from multiple connections, you will need to run a traceroute from your computer to the domain name:


The traceroute will show where the connection is failing.  Once you have a completed traceroute, please contact our live support teams so we can review the information and identify what is causing the error.  Thank you.