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FTP issues

I used an FTP client to add some images to a directory called "icons" that I placed in the root directory of my website.

They're clearly there. I can see them in my FTP client, the transfers were successful.

However the images won't show up, and if I try to navigate to the file URL it says that page doesn't exist.


Is this just some crappy GoDaddy server caching or something? I tried flushing the cache in the WP dashboard but I don't know if that affects non-WP related files (as in, files not in the typical WP directories).

Here's an example of an image not showing up:

I was gonna upload a screenshot of my FTP client so you could see that the file tech.png was indeed there but the file won't upload for some reason. (GoDaddy crappy hosting strikes again. GoDaddy should consider hosting their own website with Dreamhost)

Community Manager

Hi @highprrrr - This issue has to do with how WordPress functions. WordPress uses redirects controlled by configuration files (.htaccess for Managed WordPress accounts). Usually, you would add images by uploading them via your dashboard. However, if you need to upload them via FTP, I would suggest trying:

  • Upload them to your /wp-content directory
  • Upload them via FTP then import them into your dashboard by using a plugin like Add From Server.

Hope that helps.


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having this same issue i have imported over 70,000 images and take a look at my site  nothing showing upthe only images that are showing up are the ones i did manually now could you imagine having to upload over 70 thousand images my hand?