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Database error - Site down

My website ( has been down the past couple of days and I keep getting this error message. I've tried creating new users in MySQL database and changing the  wp-config.php file to match. Still the same error. It's also in the front end and back end of the website.


I also tried uploading a new wordpress file and replacing the files via FTP except wp-content, and still got the error. I'm at a loss for what to do now. Any ideas?



Getting Started



Now  It seems blank page ;  I'm not getting "Establishing a Database Connection " error any more .

Getting Started

This happened to me with not one, but five website, all either had the blank page on the front end and the database error on the back, blank on both ends etc.  Godaddy was not helpful at all.  I had to create a temporary folder for each site, copy the wp_content, themes that I needed and save them into the temp folder. Then I had to go into the database, and in my case, I only cared about the posts/pages so I only downloaded the sql for the wp_posts.  THEN after doing those two things. I deleted and reinstalled wp. Then of course, you have to move the folders that you want back into the appropriate folders via the file manager, activate your theme in WP Dashboard and THEN upload your database tables.  That worked for me, so far I restored two of my sites, working on the remaining three, no thanks to Godaddy.

The Content Pro's

You may enable WP_DEBUG 1st to know what is the reason behind the  error ;