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Aligning the featured image

Hello people,


I have just set up a wordpress site through go daddy. I am used to and can't figure out something here. When I am posting to the blog I do not use image within the body of the post. What I do is add a featured image that sits above the post when reading it. With there was a simple "align centre" button. However, here it is just aligning to the left so it is above the post and to the left. It doesn't look sharp!


Is there any way of changing this? I do not know code so please spoon feed the answers to me!!




Hey @bendillon01,


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


Sounds like it's your first time working with the application. I'd recommend reviewing our Getting Started Guide which has some additional links to design and customization resources to help you learn the basics. Should be able to get the images aligned the way you'd like without having to code it yourself. 


Hope that helps out.

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