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What is the *.pem file for?

I have been renewing a SAN SSL certificate every year for almost 10 years but never before received a certificate file with .pem extension.  Today when I downloaded the certificate zip file it has the *.crt. *.p7b as usual but it also has a *.pem file. What's that for? There is nothing in installation instructions about this file. 




Re: What is the *.pem file for?

Greetings, @Zafar18 


Thanks! That question stirs up some old memories. The Privacy-Enhanced Mail .pem file has been around over 25 years and provides key encryption services for email. I know it is used in SSL installs, but I can't help you much with it today. However, "way back when" I was part of several IETF committees trying to lay out some plans for technology growing faster than we could strike the keyboard. Here's the RFC (more info than you'd ever want - haha). It's probably good for a quick scan, though.


I hope that helps,

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