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How to install Free SSL from Let's Encrypt to Shared Windows Hosting - Plesk

1. Open

2. Click on Certificates & Tools tab.

3. Under Free SSL Certificate Wizard click the Start button.

4. Fill the Domains input and make sure you select the same options as on the screen below:




5. Click Next Button and wait for your CSR to be generated.

6. Download the CSR file and click Next.

7. Download the Account Key as well and click Next.

8. Here is the tricky part. To verify domain ownership using HTTP verification, you will need to create appropriate files with specific text strings under your "httpdocs/.well-known/acme-challenge/" directory. Please make sure that the files you have created are actually accessible (by clicking the links below in the File column) and have proper content before clicking "Next".

9.  Open web.config and add the following inside your system.webServer tag:







<mimeMap fileExtension="." mimeType="text/html" />









Now check if you can access the file/files and click Next.

10. Download the Domain Key and CRT txt files.

11. Open Plesk -> Websites & Domains -> SSL/TLS Certificates -> Add SSL/TLS Certificates

12. Fill all the required fields and attach Private Key -> domain-key.txt ; Certificate -> domain-crt.txt




13. Click Upload Certificate.

14. Click on Websites & Domains tab -> Hosting Settings.

15. Under Security check the two check-boxes and select the SSL you just added.




This is how to add Let's Encrypt Free SSL Certificate to Shared Windows Hosting with Plesk in 15 steps.


P.S. keep in mind you need to renew this SSL every 90 days.