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Getting OCSP Errors on Chrome for SSL. What to do?

I have a website that I cannot get the SSL certificate to work. It is hosted on the go daddy site  with Cpanel and I have followed the steps and uploaded the GoDaddy SSL plus my SSL and it will work on Internet Explorer but will show up as unsecured on Chrome and others. When I check the Certificate it says this: 

OCSP Stapling- Disabled

OCSP Status-Revoked

Strict-Transport-Security- Disabled


Everything else checks out. I talked to chat and they told me what to do and it should work but it still wont work. Could someone help me



Re: OCSP Error

I have exactly the same problem, on a site that's on a subdomain. The main domain has no such problem.


Re: Getting OCSP Errors on Chrome for SSL. What to do?

Hi @uniformsmore & @annvb1,


Thanks for writing in. Typically when you're having OCSP stapling issues, you need to rekey and reinstall the certificate. You can find the instructions to rekey your certificate here:


I hope this helps!




Tech Writer at GoDaddy