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Cloud Flare 525 SSL Handshake Failed

I'm using Cloud Flare as my CDN for  However, I'll intermittently receive 525 SSL Handshake Failed, the error can be replicated from third party tools such as pingdom, gtmetrix and google page speed.  I've spoken with support a couple of times but I'm consistently told the issue is with Cloud Flare and not GoDaddy.

If I pause the Cloud Flare service I'm experiencing periodic failure to load pages and timeouts when editing pages, which again can be replicated from third party tools.  Again after speaking with support I'm told that my IP address is being temporarily being banned due to suspicious behavior.  

I'm not sure what my options are, at this time I'm considering canceling the account and moving hosting elsewhere but I'm open to any suggestions on how to resolve.


Same problem here. Did you find a solution?

I am having the same problem, did anyone figure out how to fix it
Helper II

Same problem here. Started 2-3 days ago. Click below for more details. Cheers. Still waiting for GoDaddy's fix.  It "befuddles" me that Cloudflare and GoDaddy do not have open, inter-company communication channels to help their clients. 


Cloudflare - GoDaddy (525 SSL Handshake Failed Error)

I cancelled in the end. Couldn't get it resolved.