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After enable SSL website not open

After Enabling SSL we website in not opening in saudi arabia. i check from other countries website open normally ( in saudi arabia i used VPN after that my site open ).

need you professional expertise to solve this issue..



Resolver III

I would think the most likely reason is in domain name (DNS) resolution. Can you first try to check your website name on this free service?


It shows IP address for a domain name as resolved in different parts of the world. Changes to DNS records may sometime take hours to propagate globally. If any of the locations shows a different IP address, you can try to shorten "TTL" value in your DNS records.


... this would be my first check. 





I've worked around (not only) SSL security for over 20 years in enterprises and startups. 

I am now running an HTTPS expiry management service


its show IP address except Russia and China 

I assume they are all the same. The next what you can try is to open your website in a web browser using the IP address. Just type in the address bar https://<ipaddress from the test>


if it works correctly, the browser will show an error screen about incorrect certificate. But that means you can access the website from SA. You can even click the padlock next to the address to check that the certificate is correct.


... another possibility for blocking could be blacklisting - there're plenty of tools, you can try



If you're not on any blacklist and you can't connect even with the IP address and the browser doesn't show anything at all when you use your domain name ... then I'm running out of options 😕


... one more option - you may be blocking access from SA (or a larger part of the internet) on your server side. This could even be done by your hosting provider. 


... either way - I don't think it's related to SSL. If that works from other places then your SSL configuration is correct. You may want to investigate any network restrictions (blacklisting) with your hosting provider.


I really appreciate your help !!!! 

i will wait some more time maybe some else will have some solution....


using  ip address on address bar with no luck 

ip address clear everywhere