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After adding ssl This site can’t provide a secure connection

After adding ssl i can't visite my wordpress site. It says This site can’t provide a secure connection and ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR.

Resolver III

This is a very general error and it's hard to give you an accurate advise. As the first stop, I would suggest using one of the online SSL checkers. They provide different levels of test so they can be fast (a few seconds) or slow (up to several minutes). - cert installation test (fast) - thorough security analysis (slow) - security analysis (slow) - security analysis (slow) - this one requires a free registration, baseline and config checks (fast)




I've worked around (not only) SSL security for over 20 years in enterprises and startups. 

I am now running an HTTPS expiry management service

I have change default nameserver. then i am facing this problem.I have set
back to my default nameserver now. But still facing same problem.