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API /v1/certificates/ does not return all certs

I'm trying to grab all my certs via the API with a GET '/v1/certificates/' , the response is only returning 50 entries.

This isn't listed in the API documentation, only '/v1/certificates/{certificateId}' is documented, has anyone successfully returned all their certificateIDs (where they have more than 50) through the API and can shed some light on how it was achieved?





Resolver III

I don't think the API can be used for that. The documentation states that the GET method /v1/certificate can be used to get details of a certificate. 


I've been playing with it a bit earlier but couldn't find any pagination or offset parameters.





I've worked around (not only) SSL security for over 20 years in enterprises and startups. 

I am now running an HTTPS expiry management service