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Website down again!!!! - Plesk Deluxe Hosting



My site hosted on GoDaddy's Plesk Deluxe Hosting can't be accessed again!!


I have been experiencing frequent downtime with your Plesk Deluxe Hosting services.


i can't log into the Plesk Control panel either. neither can i connect to the FTP server. The IP is


The funny thing is GoDaddy sends me weekly reports showing '100% uptime'.


What plesk hosting service do you recommend other than godaddy?

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Super User III

Re: Website down again!!!! - Plesk Deluxe Hosting



While I don't do much with Plesk / Windows there are a couple things that I can offer as suggestions here


1) I went to and the Plesk default page loaded

2) Do you have a domain which isn't connecting

3) Are you able to access the IP/server from a different computer / internet connect - perhaps there is a firewall which you end up with a temporary block.


In regards to your 100% uptime, this is often looking at if the server is powered on and accessible on the network - not if individual services are blocked or not running - for example I have a Linux VPS and apache will crash from time to time so my websites are down - the server itself is up so the uptime shows 100%


Hope this helps point you in the right direction.

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Re: Website down again!!!! - Plesk Deluxe Hosting

The site is up now.


When the site was down, I could not access it from my desktop, phone, remote server, or Google's "Test Live URL".


And my trust with godaddy's services is over. I just switched to a different hosting company.